Review of Howard’s Draft Works – Data Entry Certification

I’ve got some thoughts on Howard’s Draft Works. I don’t really know how to rate this product, but I’m starting to wonder if it is worth the price. I’ve read numerous testimonials on the web and I am starting to realize that the majority of the people who have had success with this workbook are from all over the world. There seems to be a strong connection between international business and the product.

The methods that this program uses to offer its material are unique and very effective, but it is an out of the box approach and most people find it a little off-putting. In addition, the learning curves are much steeper than traditional programs. In fact, it’s the only skill-based coaching program I’ve found that doesn’t have a step-by-step formula for getting started.

Then there is the daily schedule of work, which I don’t see any way to make work more productive. It just seems like a waste of time to keep repeating yourself, after saying you were going to do it differently.

Don’t plan on going beyond one day a week. It takes you a long time to get anything done this way. While it’s true that you do get to review the material again, you will be working when you are not actively pursuing your goals.

I am not sure if there is a final critique or evaluation system within the worksheets and exercises that you complete as you go along. The techniques, resources, ideas, and techniques are very well written, but it seems very hard to evaluate whether the content was successfully put together, and how much progress you have made.

One final aspect I want to discuss is the wealth-building idea. A small review is that this program does have some good ideas in it. The problem is that many of the strategies, ideas, and concepts go into the wrong places. They seem to be geared towards increasing your income by a trickle rather than the tidal wave of wealth I was promised by the author.

One technique is to create your own group of friends. You could assign someone in your circle of friends to write a few pages for you, pay them $50 for their time, and have their contact information. Later, when you feel like doing some work, simply send them an email to let them know you will be paying them some money to complete this work. By the way, I would be leery of using the same technique for everyone, as it doesn’t take long to learn what you are doing wrong.

Another technique is to build a membership based income stream. You could send a customer your eBook about data entry and then have the customer come back and email you when they have completed their entry. When you receive the completion report, you could then sell the completed report for a commission.

For the group of people you do not assign, there is an opt-in option that allows them to continue to have access to your articles, access to your personal communication, and can also receive their own worksheets to complete. They will then need to be converted into data entries before being sent a payment.

So in essence, if you have just signed up to the program, you will earn one single virtual check from having the work completed, and you will also earn one single check each month for the customer who has signed up to become a member. That’s how much of your income will be from that one person.

If you do get a formal letter asking you to sign up for the program, I would not pay a dime until I knew that the package I signed up for was the best one for me. Why pay anyone for something that you are not certain you will use?

I’ve actually been teaching this small group of people, and the feedback I’m receiving is that they are producing an increase in sales as well as greater productivity. of their work. This is actually what you want out of this program.